The Teleology of Universalistic Predeterminism Part 2

“This audio lecture covers what Aeon is and what it is not. As we stated in the past written and audio lectures, Aeon means ‘ages’ of finite but undefined time. Aeon is the root word for ‘ages’ used in conjunction with ‘punishment (kolosin)’ by which there is a ‘duration of refining to repentance’. Sadly, the English Versions of the Bible, mostly, base their ‘interpretations’ of the Vulgate into the English as Aeturnum to *Forever Without End*, then, retranslated back to *connote* the original Greek’s “Aeon” as the same meaning! What a corruption and misuse of God’s Word! What fear tactics through this mistranslation have cowherded us all unto a ‘fear relation’ with God! It is a joyous Marriage that we share with God; a union. We will know ONE DAY this union as we should experience in part presently. In the mean time, I have taken many of the pagan (amoral) Greek authors of their day which span over 800 years and use their Literature as the Bible’s Dictionary. We shall see the Glory, Freedom, Genius, Marriage, Care of God towards us by these words”.

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