Statement of Faith

-We believe in the Sovereignty of GOD-

-We believe that the Hebrew language is configured to express “Verbs of Motion” that make it impossible to be contradicted in their usage. Due to their motions, they commit to Hebrew semiotics which connects the nature of the ancient Semitic-Hebrew culture and their participation/expression of GOD’s Verbal motion

-We believe that the Grammar of the Hebrew language of the Old Testament governs the expressed Theology of the Old Testament

-We believe that the Grammar of the New Testament Greek of the New Testament governs the expressed Theology of the New Testament

-We believe that the Grammar of the Old Testament and the Greek New Testament conveys a larger Theological message. This message requires Old Testament and New Testament socio-linguistic agreement. This larger message cannot be disassembled by arguing against the New or Old Testament. One needs the other. Evolution of thought is found in Old Testament to New Testament contiguous thought. Again, a greater coherancy is produced by joining these 2 Testaments.

-We believe in being students of Philology, with emphasis on the Southern Russian/Georgian-Kartvelian and Proto-Iranian Languages due to their proximity of the Biblical EDEN)

-We believe that there is an etymological deviation of semiotic commitment engendered by the American Language and that the language of American-English is now a degenerate language from its parents: Anglo-Saxon, Old English, Jacobean to Victorian English.

-We do NOT believe that the English New Testament, such as the King James, earlier Geneva, later N.I.V., or any other modern language which attempts to convey the Word of God ‘is without error’

-We believe that there is no more need for water baptism. There were 7 forms of ‘baptisms’—{cf. Walter Dale’s 5 volume treatment on “Baptisms”. Such baptisms were Judaistic-body washing ordinance for entrance into Jerusalem, Judaistic Temple brazen sea washing, Prophetical-Messianc-Johannine *Baptism*, Pagan, respectful Christian Baptism of the ordinance of the Jews, and the infinitive case for the Pauline “Fiery Baptism of Trials”.

-We believe all types of “baptisms’’ served their religious-cultural purpose for a particular ‘law, priestly-course-ordinance-command, social ordinance, statute, portent (prophetical attribute), sketch, shadow and/or type. All Baptisms were different and ALL have completed their shadow, sketch and type for the modern Baptism sent by the Holy Spirit for Trials in our lives that work

together to confirm the Word of God in conjunction with the Will of the Father (this belief of the Holy Spirit’s “Fire” is to be distanced from modern day ‘Pentecostalism’).

-We believe that the LORD’s Supper was and is a communion or community event that should occur every day as we come together to commemorate JESUS’ life He led for us versus another ordinance, statute or law.

-We believe that The Grace of Christ Jesus will, by the WILL of the heavenly Father, will always abide in us regardless of our sin. This is our only hope for eternal life. We do not believe that you ever have to doubt your salvation.

-We believe in the inerrancy of the Word of God, as GOD, used fallible men, being Supernaturally guided by the Will of God, to write “THE STORY” of Salvation for ALL of HUMANKIND from the beginning of time to the End of the Ages. .

-We therefore have no judgment on anyone for their religious practice, creed, ignorance, intelligence, life-style, etc…..

-We ONLY have our studies and life-styles to exemplify the Beauty of Christ in us.