The relation of happy to sad is one that both states of being (happy and sad) are actually of the same motion. To be fully ‘happy’ is to be fully ‘sad’.  “Bi-polar’’ comes to mind in such a search to be ‘happy’ verses being *content with what God has apportioned us.

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Psalms 147:4

Psalms 147:4 – “He Telleth the number of the stars; He giveth them all their names” —- / Psalms 19:1 “The Heavens Declare the Glory

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The Dragon Part 3

In this ‘end cap’ lecture I talk about *line versus circle* ideology/ theology. The pagan’s hope is in the attempt, through false hope, of obtaining

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Solar gods

Celtic/Brythonic studies of THE HOPE of a Heathen’s Messiah to come. Such an Albion or ancient British Isles did look for a type of Messiah prior to

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