Hell Part 3

The Biblical Patriarch/ Matriarch was a recipient of God’s Word and had a limited skill set for a specific purpose. Nonetheless, the conveyed Words were relayed by God while the recipient of God’s Words participated in obedience. Obedience is the key word. Obedience is necessary to have completion of God’s telegraphed ending to HIS Narrative = our Marriage to Him. 

For the Primitive-Genius to ‘analyze’ or ‘parse’ the etymologies of God’s Rema or divine expressions would be not only ludicrous but, in Old Testament Times, idolatrous. This is the evolution of consciousness and levels over time of “how” a tribe is to participate with the God of Ancient Israel. “Analysis” would begin the VERY YEAR that Judah was taken captive (last of the 3 deportations) by Babylon. Thales would introduce deductive thinking and jumpstart a new ‘era’ of ‘anatomizing’ versus ‘collectively participating’. Genius would leave and Wit (Greek: ‘eido’ = “to see”/ “observe”) would begin.

As we delve into the concept of “permanence” vs. “eternal” we will see ‘relational differences such as ‘being with God in a “RELATIONSHIP” that never ends versus a ‘PERMANENT’ ordinance that “NEVER ENDS” only superseded by it’s fulfilments as the original ordinances becomes the stronger “archetype” for its “exponential ‘primacy’ “. All to say, the ‘stacking’ of meaning needs the other to build. The foundation of this “house” requires permanence first, then, eternal trajectory. 

Finally to reiterate:

 “Primitive” is the strongest-purest foundation-generator by which all other mental structures are established. So, as I stated- “primitive-genius”- I meant it. “Genius” means to ‘be joined’, ‘to be connected’ to everything and ‘act’ or ‘participate’ within this *connectivity* or *genius*.  For each level of evolution of participation of the figurations of WORD signaling, we have deeper fulfillment to the higher complexity of the original generative WORD. The “Genius” is Pregnant with higher fulfillments yet to come both  semiotically and spiritually. Therefore, I witness that each Biblical epoch/ era/ aeon/ etc. was needed to fulfill a greater archetype (as do we need the grace to ‘evolve’) as a ‘new time segment’ became necessitated.

 We shall see in our future studies that the terms“permanence” and “eternity” will use the terms ‘epoch’, ‘era’, and ‘aeon’ to substantiate coherency of the Biblical Text and shed light on Western Orthodoxy’s ostensible vagaries of contextual confusion. Establishing terms with substantiate linguistic agreement between the Biblical text and pagan authors by which the Bible borrowed.

As Abraham was willing to pimp for profit ( and saving his hide) his wife out in Genesis 12: 12 – ff, he was still influenced by the Ancient Near East way of doing things. It would take time to be called out of acting upon Israel’s seeming immoral irregularities—especially Abraham’s erratic actions as the Grand Patriarch of Judeo-Christianity. But, had it not been the Patristic dominating society that the Jews flourished in, looking at their wives as chattel, then Hosea 2:16 (ca. 785 B.C.) would have never completed the Face of Jesus: “AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS, saith the Lord, THAT THOU SHALL CALL ME *ISHI*, AND SHALT CALL ME NO MORE BA’ALI”. The Jews participated with the God of them as a “Chattel Owner”…ONE who could dismiss, pimp out, sell off, HIS Wife. “ISHI” was the Hebrew Name of an Endearing-Loving-Protecting Husband. What a contrast spoken by the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ!!! Was this ‘necessary pagan horror’ needed in the Grand Scheme to evaluate the worth and contrast the Christ of Grace to the permanence of hard pagan practices. It was just the Laws of God but the creation of paganism by God that established the Eternal Christ.

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