The Reason of Grace

My view must be a ‘relaxed’ one—which means, theological points, currents, patterns, etc. must ‘settle’ naturally/metaphysically.  I have always had a serious problem with the ‘ontology’ of who we *are, were, will be*.   I have always had strong ties to pagan religions– for I knew that Judaism and Christianity were born out of them. Not as copy and paste, rather, the ‘answer’ for the pagan (amoral/ moral) “economies (Greek: tribal handling/ house handling/*house law*)” with a *miraculous* new motion going forward out of the Lex Talionis’, “eye for eye”–retribution system ( Hammurabi’s *codex*).  I have always believed that the ‘birthing’ out of paganism was a “natural” one–that is, a miraculous notion- taking its surroundings and starting a fresh with absolute reference to the surrounding pagan ‘stage and setting’. Once a more developed sense of thought arose-roughly with the age of dialogue’s first steps found with Thales, we had both ‘participation’ and ‘figuration’ of the Pagan and early Judaistic *stage* and the machine called, ‘deductive syllogism’. Both ‘figuration’ notions and ‘deduction’ worked on me — as early as 18 years old in the while I was training with the Marines in the intense dry heat of the Mohave Desert. 

“Coming to be” and “Going away” {Generatione et Corruptione} were both fields of study that Aristotle brought to the foreground that became a study of mine starting with Plato in ‘coming to be’, then, Aristotle and back to Plato. I always held to the Platonic Idea of the “UNIVERSAL *US*” vs.  the  here and now or “verdandi (Germanic-present/ Greek- estin)” or present tense ‘you’ as the pagan Norse ‘fate’ set without love, rather, wielding or ‘weirding’ power.  I reference Germanic paganism and verb tense here due to our Western ‘saturation’ of Germanic ‘tense verbs’ which were tied directly to the religion of  ‘Fates’ which reside in our western Christendom. For example, “Should”, is the child verb of the Mother Verb, “Skuld”…which is the Fate of ‘how something will end, be debted, owed, etc. “If only I could have been there Johnny wouldn’t have died”—this is a ‘contingency statement excluding as Sovereign God and including a Fate, a debt, a repayment ‘god’ for ‘not having done something’. We are so embued with Germanic paganism as believers in Christ that we must return to the New Testament Greek in its CONTEXT to regain ‘consciousness’. So, the ‘reference’ for my ontology, our ontology is: we are ‘coming to be in the likeness of Christ’-Romans 8:28-31. This is the ‘to what end’ that the Romans asked. Deeply laden in that question was the reference to a pagan past: To what end will the Fates allow. If “Intent” or the ‘to what end’ is one of a ‘fatalistic’ nature, then, we must wait on ‘nature’ and personified ‘fates’ or ‘fatua’. The ‘nature’ or ‘natura’ of one motion to the next is an uninterrupted one–or, a ‘perfect’ fate; a ‘universal fate’. Taking this pure, perfect and universal very pagan belief that nature is personified ‘fate’ —we have our birthing grounds for ‘the Answer’ from the ‘miraculous’ –or, “THAT THING” which *interrupts* the nature of ‘debt, payment, owing, fatality (((all same word—found in Norse Skuld or “should”/ Greek Lachesis – or ‘luck’))). This is called, “Intent”. Intent was shown by the God of Grace, not the God of Retribution (the ‘payback’) as the Pagan knows (who will know the God of Grace *if* Every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus is Lord). *Graceful Intent* broke the reasoning and their correlative ‘economies’ of ‘retribution’ within ‘fatalism’–which is the source of all paganism. We find this paganism in the Western Christian Doctrine when we say that God would not bring ‘evil’ or ‘destruction’ upon us. I could simply quote Isaiah 45:7-following, “I the Lord, create both good and evil (ra’ah-Hebrew: “destruction”)  You see, the “payback, debt, owing, fate, fatality, etc.” comes from the RICHES, FORTUNES, LUCK belief, crouched in paganism, that the Fatua or fates brought to you while you were on this earth. This “payback” is defined as the Naturally Fated field. “Mother Nature” is the personified ‘fate’ which you will be in debt to, owe, die to in the end.  Conversely, the *Intent of Grace* from Christ used this pagan’s field to show the counter…*the resolve* without debt, once and for all, that the system of debt and repayment cannot work.

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