GOD ordained all things (mass, energy and time) before our physical creation. We can do NOTHING to change God’s Sovereign Will. “Free Will” is an ordained and necessary illusion. I will cover the numerous definitions and vocabulary for “free” and for “will” in the anatomy of the will. No such cocktail of “free agency’’ exists as a reality nor was the western hemisphere’s notion to our sense of “free will’’ a reality to the 1st century dialogues of Jesus in the Gospels or the Apostles’ Epistles, especially the Pauline epistles.

Some of these Daily Devotionals concerning the sovereignty of God were relaxed and practically said. Some will be highly doctrinal.

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The Dragon Part 2

The Dragon {part 2}. A Biblical perspective. (dry reading from Strong’s and McClintock’s – but, lots of information with some interpolation of my studies). 0:00

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The ingenious mind of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien used a musical, cultural and linguistic reconstruction within the mechanisms of fictional rules to convey Lucifer’s fall. Such

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Sacred Percussion

This lecture was initially given over a 2 day- 12 hour seminar to a group of yogis in which I deliverd a ethnomusicological treatment concerning

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