Hell Part 2

“Forever”, looked at as an exact time frame, is a very interesting philosophical topic, yet, it is a cosmological, astrological and agricultural ‘event’ as ‘representation’.

As I stated, eternal time was mythically *signified* through the temporal practices of village participants. Such ‘eternal’ participation involved dancing, usage of the ‘masks of eternity’, celebrations of God’s eternal Order such as was found in the Jewish “Hag”. The Hag was a “procession” around the Dabar (Hebrew: “Thing of Order”; “Stone of Order”; prophecy, judge, bee {animal of the ordered dances}). Likened dances are the Debka of the Arabs and Ancient European agricultural/ cosmological dances called this ‘dance of eternity’ the “Horo” (by which I play in a Bulgarian band who does this very thing). The “horo” is linguistically tied to the Greek “horos” or “horizon” which is where “eternity” meets earth. It is the ‘boundary line’ between the two. None of these dances were considered ‘in the abstract’ by the participants because it is was *how* they participated and celebrated “time-eternal”. Though, we might call such elaborate dances and festivities, in ‘modern’ terms, primeval acts of participation. These dances of eternity set the ‘permanence’ by which our later parents could embellish and traject back to an earlier root and claim to the earth as it was understood. As to ‘when’ the *originations (‘horos’) of such observational dances of eternity began, well, we can’t place a ‘timestamp’ on it, only an indefinite time, —-an ‘aeon’ ago. I remember reading an academic paper written on the ‘ecstatic dances’ of Dionysis and Bacchus. Within the ‘collective’ efforts of the drunken dance and the cheap particulars (“plastikos”) used to express the greater ‘sense’ of the dance such as the feathers, the tassels, the shakers, the drums, shawms, anklets, painted bodies moving in processional order, actively leading the participation of the observer and initiate to ‘witness’ the condescension and yoking with the Deity of the dance–i.e., the “Lord of the Dance”. The Verb of the Dance represented the Noun aspect of God’s appearance (‘parousia’ – ‘physical appearance’). Shared dimensions of Time occured at ‘the event’ within the ‘HORO” -the *point where earth ( that which is spatial and tangible)  meets sky (Heaven), “eternity

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These  lectures were broadcasted at Vanderbilt University’s WRVU in the Fall of 2011.  The first lecture was exegetical. Starting at John 1:1’s first five words. 

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