In these mini lectures I discuss the Verb as God and us and the dead noun. I believe that The VERB rushes upon us causing us to breathe, move, think, repent, etc. **GOD IS THE LIVING VERB AND WE ARE THE DEAD NOUN who is *quickened by the VERB who is the Prime Cause (Prima Causa) and we are HIS effect.


GOD ordained all things (mass, energy and time) before our physical creation. We can do NOTHING to change God’s Sovereign Will. “Free Will” is an ordained and necessary illusion. I will cover the numerous definitions and vocabulary for “free” and for “will” in the anatomy of the will. No such cocktail of “free agency’’ exists as a reality nor was the western hemisphere’s notion to our sense of “free will’’ a reality to the 1st century dialogues of Jesus in the Gospels or the Apostles’ Epistles, especially the Pauline epistles.

Some of these Daily Devotionals concerning the sovereignty of God were relaxed and practically said. Some will be highly doctrinal.

Solar gods

Celtic/Brythonic studies of THE HOPE of a Heathen’s Messiah to come. Such an Albion or ancient British Isles did look for a type of Messiah prior to the event of our beloved Historical and Theological Jesus of the 1st century A.D.

MacBeth/Job analysis

In this devotional category, I take a deep look into Shakespeare’s understanding of fatalism, free will and sovereign grace by regarding all of their distinctions. Strikingly, the laws of Grace are never affected by the laws that govern fictional writing, but do govern themselves. This, somewhat, ties into the “Field of Fatalism/ “Study of Evil” category

Beth Louis Nion

Simply put: The ‘system’ of seeing and wanting; satisfying the eye, taste, hearing, etc. IS the system of Christmas and has made Israel fall and is making the Western Church incapable of being taken seriously.  It doesn’t take much to find the pagan origins in Christmas, yet, the  Christians of today will NOT release themselves from the same system of desire that Jeremiah warned all of God’s Children in Jeremiah 10 with.

American Indian Culture

I try to show that American Indians have their heritage found in Baltic and Georgian culture, which is related, I believe, to the BIBLICAL EDEN.

I attempt to show genetic and linguistic affiliations between the Adin or Eden (Biblical EDEN) of ERIDU presently located in the Northern section of Iran and that of the early American Indians. The verbal functions found within many Indian languages do denote a time when the verbal function was more important than the noun or putative-nominal aspect. Also, the ‘analogue’ of the noun was found in a more natural sense and less than that of mechanisms or tools forged by man