Snake Temple/ Snake Cult … ‘e-lea = Lilli (-th) = “Snake Goddess” Caduceus/ Nechustan Temple was the Early Israelite Temple Hezekia tore it down

Levi—-LW- “to twist”; “to coil”
French: “Lieu” : “In lieu of” —“To stand in the the seat of a greater power while that power is absent”. “Attendant” – initially meaning that, later, the name.

In Bernhardt Luther and Eduard Meyer’s work, “Die Israeliten und ihre Nachbarstamme”, 426-ff, we see that the name, LEWI is from the same root as liwyatan, concluding that, ‘among the Levites, the cult of Yahweh was originally inseparable from the serpent cult”. They also say say that, “Le’a” meant, ‘divine serpent’….therefore, conclude that “Eve, the primordial mother of all, is ultimately identical with Leah, the Mother of Simeon and Levi”. Ibid 427

There’s no problem seeing that the “Angira (Angirases)” or “Angels in the Rig Veda accomplished the same tasks that the Levitical Priests did of the early Israelites. They were referred to in the Oxford Sanskrit Dictionary as the

(Nasal + Glottal)

MQ-SM – divination (page 436/ benner)
Qsm – divination; witchcraft; divine;
Nachash – pg 385 benner/ “ensnare”; snare by stealth; catch, smite.
Naga people –
Naga (O.S.D.) – “serpent, esp. as the name of fabulous serpents with human faces inhabiting the city of Bhogarati in the infernal regions…”
NGH -(peage 180 Benner/ bottom of page) – “shine; enlighten; touch of warmth-light”
Angira = angelos – pg 119 The arctic home in the Vedas/ Gangadhar Tilak = Persian – “a mounted courier
Angirasi = Angira = one who does the ‘burning of coals’ / ‘burning’/ ‘fire’{for the Temple service} Ananagi


(Metathesis {switching of consonants/ retention of same meaning})

Chanes- meaning: “Serpents” / serpent headed Mayan Priests/ head flattening ritual rite-initiation – (cf. Andrew Collin’s-“Watchers”-last page pg 422
*Ahau Can* (Can) – Mayan—“The great Lordly Serpent”
QN – Cain

Hebrew: Qanu – smith/ black smith/ forger/ metallurgist/ keeper of the secrets of alchemy/ priests of alchemy/ Wizard – of the cauldron/ “Witch” -cauldron – elixir /

(Labial + Rotex {+ Guttural})

Pirig – Lion, sun, light
Peleg- the world was confounded in Speech in his day (Genesis 11) Bharag – light/ fire/ coal/ brazen cauldron on altar
Pharaoh – Serpent Priest/ Fire/ toxic venom Priest

*Glottal, Rotex, Labial* Qalups {Greek} – metallugist/ Angira {Sanskrit}- coal burners/ Qalibi {Kartvelian} -‘ to mould {mold}/ Latin: “Chalybum” / Phoenician: “ ‘Aleph “ <- ‘ = glottal catch, rotex and labial. Also, Aleph – as god…as chief deity…as Yahweh, the Metallurgy God

*** -> ?”Cherub”; “Seraph” Kyle
Akkadian: kerubu: “to bless”—-to dispense? METOD Anglo Saxon…God-dispenser – epithet of “Bull Colossus”. Hebrew: Kerubh: plural Kerubhim.
To dispense with Metals….tools…weapons
Griffin->gryps: ‘a dragon that guards’….’head and wings of eagle and body of a a lion; believed to have lived in *&^%!!!Scythia { to guard its gold there”}
Scythia = Greek Skythia: name anciently given to the region along the north coast of the Black Sea…meaning “Shepherd”

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