MacBeth/Job analysis

In this devotional category, I take a deep look into Shakespeare’s understanding of fatalism, free will and sovereign grace by regarding all of their distinctions. Strikingly, the laws of Grace are never affected by the laws that govern fictional writing, but do govern themselves. This, somewhat, ties into the “Field of Fatalism/ “Study of Evil” category

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The “dung god” or “fly god”, Beelzebub, seems to be first built upon its early onomatopoeia of a pestilential creature flying by.  Later, ‘sound-name’ to

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The Dragon Part 2

The Dragon {part 2}. A Biblical perspective. (dry reading from Strong’s and McClintock’s – but, lots of information with some interpolation of my studies). 0:00

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YHVH – The Pre Biblical God of the Canaanites. The True Monotheistic God on Mount Seir – where the Nephilim were slayed. 0:00 0:00 skip_previous

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