Christ of the Zodiac

These  lectures were broadcasted at Vanderbilt University’s WRVU in the Fall of 2011.  The first lecture was exegetical. Starting at John 1:1’s first five words.  The focus was on the nature of the Trinity to the pagan (a-moral) and the Biblical account. We find that one account necessitated the other with dimension and brilliance.

The 2nd through the 4th were based on answering one of my best student’s questions concerning “time’’, ‘’evolution’’, polemics against Biblical ‘creationism’, etc.  At the end of lecture 4, we turned to a hyper focus on “time’’ and “light” as to their meaning from a Theological/ Zodiacal perspective.

The field of Numismatics (study of  ancient coinages) was brought in to support our astrological theme concerning a prophecy of the Messiah written in the stars.

Finalizing with lectures 7-10 as fulfillment of the Pagan’s hope concerning Messiah/ Pure Sacrifice/ God on Earth.

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