No group, government-any extremist faction can ever legislate ethics or a moral change to come “to the other side”. This is a Western Hemisphere thing. We think in the West that if we are forced by riots to concede, renege or secede then we must have been wrong and they must be right. *Might is Right*— this is a western corruption. It is a world corruption. THIS corrupt view of “might is right” is exactly what “”the other side”” is doing! Retribution leads to retribution. Retribution is a mindless war machine needing not much of anything intelligent to get it started— much like this. /// I don’t apologize for loving the world. I don’t apologize for loving Christ who loved the world. If Christ is in me then I love the world. I know who I am because Christ knows me. I accept HIS Sovereign creation that only HE made to finalize — resulting in predetermined wars of races (ethnos) and Pestilence {cf Matthew 24/ Luke 21/ Mark 13}. I do not apologize for this or Bow down to the pride of mankind ( any “”Ethnos”””) or the *idea* of the “other side”. /// Neither the children of the Sino, Japheth, Hamitic or Shemitic race have “a pride” or a sufferance — as a “group collective” that will ever force another “group collective” to change. Let’s get painful: Biblically ( Genesis 9: 18-27 ), Ham ( the poignant historical figure that is also linguistically assigned the to African tongues) was cursed by Noah to be a SERVANT to Shem and Japheth for his actions. All of “Canaan (progeny of Ham)” shall serve the Middle Eastern race and Caucasian — Nordic, Swiss, Scandinavian, French, Dutch, Scottish,— etc — not just White America. Here’s where the facts are and you can get angry at me but it’s the TRUTH: Look at Africa in terms of building boats, buildings, air-liners, technology( computers, hardware/ software) etc, houses—outside of mud-dobbed houses. Is there anything produced that is viable on a world market
Level?— no. When Nelson Mandela took over South Africa what happened? What is going on now? AIDS, poverty, no productivity, rape, murder, division, etc. that is: a high Dutch society gave this piece of
Land over to the African race and what happened? Has not the Caucasian race ruled the world in brutality,
business and entitled ethnic supremacy?- Has not the Middle East been at retributive war based on the “eye for an eye” legalistic view which started from the Codex Hammurabi- that is: The Lex Talionis— which still upholds Levitical Old Testament war principles and Islam’s Jihad? Does this mean that I am to treat my brother who is black or sister who is black, Semitic, White, Latino lesser than myself? – Absolutely not!!! —to my own damnation, absolutely not. I don’t even believe in “free will” the same as many do— I believe in a Sovereign God who orchestrated THE NARRATION! THE STORY – for HIS glory — not ours. Therefore, no White pride, no Asian, Black, Latino pride!! Just the beauty of each race for what it has brought us. This IS color, rhythm, tapestry, unity.

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