Universal Pre-Determinate Apocalyptic Teleology


Up until now, we have triangulated our way up to a consistent Theology. The 3 main components that provide a coherent and consistent Theology are: (U) Universal Sanctification-reconciliation (Apocatastasis), (P) Pre-determinism (Pro-horidzo), and the (T) Teleology (teleos) which, in congress of forward motion (‘gestalt’), stands upon the first two. That is: the “END” or “teleos” is a *result* of ALL prior ENERGIES “that were”. This is what I call the “U.P.T.” formula.

It is with the faith (Greek:pistis – Proto Indo European: “Bheidh” – mental place where we launch from) that you will listen to my past lectures to understand WHY I believe in the coherency of this formula. Therefore, I will take a pass on ‘proving’ what I have stated up to this point. What I will state now is the “4th Dimension” to this U.P.T. formula. Simply, the etymology and story of the “Apocalypse”.


The word “Apocalypse” literally means, “off (with the) cover”; “to expose”; “to reveal”; “to un-cover”; “to show”, etc. Simply: “apo” = ‘off’ + “kalupto” = ‘cover’, ‘lid’, ‘seal’.

So, the Greek “apokalupto” or ”Apocalypse” is NOT just something in the future, rather, it is the “Revealing of ALL that has been hidden” since time immemorial. In this sense, everyone experiences their own “apocalypse” every second as ‘revelations’ reveal themselves to the total sum of your being or ontology to right now.


Job 42:11 – “Then came there unto him and his brethren, and all his sisters, and all they that had been of his acquaintance before, and did eat bread with him in his house: and they bemoaned him, and comforted him over (P.) ALL THE EVIL THAT THE LORD HAD BROUGHT UPON HIM ……every man also gave him a piece of money and every one an earing of gold. (42:12) (T.) So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning…… “

“Satan” was a literal reality in the Narrative of Job but is diminished to a literary mechanism which becomes dispensable. Evil cannot ‘do’ a ‘work’. It can only *be used to do God’s plan*. Satan is a stylus that carves the predetermined significance upon the rock of meaning.

(I label U, P, A, and T to show that necessary ‘quadratic’ necessary view.)

(P) Any trial one goes through is a segway to ‘an Apocalypse’. (T) Job’s trials led him to his

*Teleology*. (T.) His *teleology* was the ‘end point’ by which he could (A) understand/ see that (P.) it was GOD that put him through the FIRE of Satan to be purified and, finally, (T.) renewed. (P.) “The Satan” could only act upon the office he was given. (U *.) Remember, Job was prior to Christianity, Judaism, the Prophets, and even the Biblically Legislative brand of Patriarchs which dictated a law code. This means that the only way that Job could have been ‘saved’ was the UNIVERSAL LOVE by which God granted Job without law code or Christianity.


For simple association: if you saw Mel Gibson’s movie, “Apocalypto”, you’ll have taken away the *broadest and simplest* explanation for the meaning of “Apocalypse”. The movie is about a tribe of brutal profiteering and conquering “Aztec” Indians (historically, it was the Mayans) putting into bondage other weaker tribes and selling them off to sun god worshipping “Aztecs (again, Mayans)” who cut the heads off their victims for the sake of appeasing the sun god. This act of ‘social cannibalism’ is not new to the Aztecs if one only reads James Frazier’s “Golden Bough”. At the end of the movie a new “Apocalypse” occurs when the Spanish Armada arrives ending, historically, the Mayan civilization in the Yucatan peninsula. This is yet a new Apocalypse.. All to say: ‘the end of an *AEON* or AGE and the beginning of a new AEON. Isn’t this word, AEON, the very word used in Revelation 20-22 for “eternal” in the English? —might I say, a horrible and derailing English translation. For a deeper study into Social Cannibalism one can refer to this topic in a doctoral thesis at UMI titled, “Social Cannibalism. Also, the 12 volume treatment given to Mankind and his social taboos by Sir James Frazier, quod vide.

As a side note:

Concerning ‘advancement’ from social cannibalism and into Catholicism I go as follows: whether the argument can be made that spreading Catholicism in the Yucatan peninsula was a relatively good (if one is to not take the ‘centricity’ of Jesus’ Gospels) thing or not can be up to you to make. I would say (1) all things are ‘good’ under God’s Providence —i.e., “good” as *beneficial to build the ‘full house of meaning’ * and (2) that ‘new archetypes’ were infused into such cultures with the precise progression needed to make the higher idea of a Christ figure. Therefore, Spanish Medieval Catholicism was a necessary ‘afterthought’ or ‘echo’ of the original Christ figure —-which, to me, is better than nothing and it was a *start* to that which was previously barbarous and laden with superstition. Arguments can be ensued, and will be I’m sure.


We must dispense with child’s play concerning the faulty English translation of “eternity” and “apocalypse” and return to the Glossary by which the entire New Testament had faith in to use…namely, the Paideia of the Greeks. I have done enough work on this subject on my website, The Fullness Of Meaning Christian Ministries.com (fomcm.com), to convey a solidly backed Word bank supporting a new and fresh look at an etymologically sound Scripture.

Since I address at the top of this piece what “Apocalypse” means, I will again, from prior lectures, address the tangential word to apocalypse, “AEON”.

“Indefinite time” or “AEON” does not have to mean “infinity”, though it could. The WAY in which Aeon and Aidion were used as ‘indefinite times’ were poetically and philosophically expressed a complimentary union of ideas.

Such a poetical employment of words could be used to create the seemingly “irrational” mental state of either the poet or the characters by which they participate. Therefore, subsuming the ‘rational’ or ‘reasonable’ for a beautiful alien ‘irrationality’, if conveyed by the poet correctly, could arrest one’s senses and lure one’s self out of the lust, greed, covet, anger world—i.e., suspend one from the mire of social relativism which leads to nihilism.

This beautific apocalyptic irrationality created words fit for philosophical treatise and revelatory Biblical writing—-paratactic writing – for the words has concretized into ‘meaning’ and a correlative ‘semiotic commitment’ for the ‘abstract’ had occurred. Hence, the mathematical philosophers and prophets had a ground to work from.

From here, I hope to begin my statement of faith as the U.P.A.T. or – “Universal Pre-Determinative Apocalyptic Teleology”. For audible aesthetic convenience only I place “apocalyptic’ before “teleology”.

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