The Dragon Part 3

In this ‘end cap’ lecture I talk about *line versus circle* ideology/ theology. The pagan’s hope is in the attempt, through false hope, of obtaining fame and fortune, i.e., a “NAME” for themselves. The Anglo Saxon language gives us “LOF AND DOME (height and dominion)” <- the “pagan’s hope”.

Contrariwise, the Messianic Hope is Linear in its approach. It has a line with certain events on it that lead to a POINT. The first are natural and legal events that create the prototype, the next are symbolic/ allegorical-prophetic, the next is Historical-Fulfilment. All 3, I would argue more, must work together to complete the equation.

The pagan looks for hope in this world’s riches and is fooled by ‘almost obtaining’ *more*. The cycle, or ring, *tricks* the one who desires “LOF and DOME” – or, as Genesis 11 says, “Let us make us a NAME (Hebrew: SHEM = ‘boundary, authority, renown, law, hedge’) for ourselves lest we be scattered abroad”.

My Point:

The “obtainment” of Glory, Name, Lof and Dome has been acquired by Christ. We partake in HIS Resurrection, His Name, His Glory as His Children. When we try to “obtain” stuff and things and our glory, we turn everything into objects that are not obtainable, or, as Gollum would call it, my “Precious”. God knows how to *dispense* to us. This is the Faith God that requires us to have in order to have peace and understanding PAST this life of “attainments”.

The Devil, The Impeder, The Impediment, the Hoarder is a theme for all of the ancient world.

The old world had, as it still does today, two distinct approaches: either “My will be done” or “His Will be Done”. Your will is the Ring’s trickery and His Will is the infinite case for peace, —and NOT fretting what you don’t have or what others have.

We know who and where the Dragon is and lies. We know this because we are a witness to it in our own lives and the lives of others when we make obstacles out of people because they ‘are in our way’. We know where Christ is when we share mercy and Grace.

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