Poein vs Prasso

This is a lecture in which Sumerian and Hebrew beliefs are joined by the way of philology.  Astonishing pictograms rela

An in-depth look into two Greek words, Poesis and Prasso.

Poesis or Poetry designates the uninterrupted, natural and perfect flow of the Gospels—signaling Aristotle’s idea of “NATURE” while Prasso, or forging, designates the clumsy and myopic nature of man to ‘sub-create’ ideologies, theologies, etc..

ting the Hebrew’s alphabet with an ancient tale told in Sumeria! Much thanks to the pagan poet, Robert Graves for his wonderful mind and analysis in his Hebrew Myths work.  Though his conclusions are nearly diametrically opposite to our ministry, we honor such scholars.

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The Dragon Part 1

“Biblical Parallels with Tolkien’s Works” —“The Dragon, The Ring and its symbology:  being Married to something means freedom from something else 0:00 0:00 skip_previous play_arrow

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Christ of the Zodiac

These  lectures were broadcasted at Vanderbilt University’s WRVU in the Fall of 2011.  The first lecture was exegetical. Starting at John 1:1’s first five words. 

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