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“Demons”–dao/midz- literally mean, “dispensing riches/fortunes”. Later, in Greek society, a ‘sympatico’ spirit, demon, common spirit, etc,” inhabiting you or travelling with you would be called

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A.K.A. The “Toxophilus”   The competitive archer has the intent to hit the bull’s eye (Boulesthai] and must do so by marrying himself/ herself to

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Here’s my attempted “Intentful”  mindset:   To me: Be careful not to live by or be identified by a *narrative* of the past-whether or not

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Sets of Motion

SETS OF ‘MOTIONS’ / PLATO’S DIALOGUES TO BIBLICAL FULFILLMENT Loeb Classics; Plato; Cratylus; pg 121; vs. 418 SET ONE OF ‘MOTIONS’ Dei’on – “obligation” (Root:

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