Consistency of Motion – Part 2 Amended

Restating part one, addendums, extra mentions and exonerations
Technically, the term,‘belief’, never meant to act in “blindness” until our recent perversion of this term—that is, the ‘moralization’ of this term.  Initially, the term, “belief”, would have carried an observed intentional and honest act. 

Plato’s daemon, Socrates says: “Doxa (glory) is derived either from the pursuit (dioxis) which the soul carries on as it pursues the knowledge of the nature of things, or from the shooting of the bow (toxou boulay); the latter is more likely; at any rate, oi’eisis (*belief*) supports this view, for it appears to mean the motion (oisis) of the soul towards the essential nature of every individual thing, just as boulay (intention) denotes shooting (boulay) and boulesthai (intended trajectiory/ intention/ wish/ desire), as well as bouleusthai (plan), denotes aiming at something. All these words seem to follow ‘doxa’ and to express the idea of shooting, just as “a’boulia (a = negative prefix-‘alpha privative’ = “not” + boulia = council, direction, advisement), on the other hand, appears to a *failure to hit*, as if a person did not shoot or hit that which he shot at or wished or planned or desired”.

I also condemn (Latin: damnus -‘critique’’ {not send to hell}) the scientific community when they condemn the ‘believing’ communities for employing ‘faith’ or ‘belief’. Such ‘science’ such be criticized for not doing their research into their word usage. No word, no act, no energy comes out of a vacuum. There’s always a ‘string’ attached; you Quantum P-braners know what I’m talking about!
Origin of “belief (noun)” and “faith (verb)”
“Bheidh” is the Proto Indo European/ Kurgan root for “belief”. “Bheidh” carries a collage of meaning. It carries with it the meaning of “abode” or “abide”. As the Holy Spirit ‘abides’ in us; as the Holy Spirit makes His “abode” in us. It is a place of resting, trusting, etc.  King David “trusted” that he could kill the Giant. Not because he “saw” it but because he had been protecting sheep since his youth with his slingshot. David had “FAITH” in his past *accounts*. David had taken a ‘marking’ or ‘talley’ of his kills of predator animals that had the nature to kill his gentle sheep. This *kind* of faith is not to be moralized.

Such a “Faith” as David’s has been perverted by false moralists to say, “David’sthe type of faith was ‘blind’ “. It was not. Moreover, let’s turn it around: today’s moralist could use the ‘modern’ sense of ‘faith’ to say, “one must *act* in blind trust and go forth. This is unsound doctrinally and clashes with David (who was the ultimate example of “Trusting” in God as a mere human), any military action past or present, science, music, art…etc.

Another shade of error:  to act “blind” is separate from acting on the “unseen” from which we know makes sense in the Gestalt fashion. Much like the Holy Spirit is always with us but makes sense to us in the here and now. Yet, while Jesus was only here for a period of time in the flesh, His *Acts* were quantum in their meaning. HE fulfilled the Father’s written book about HIM before HE walked the earth. Therefore, each act fulfilled the next as a tightly woven poem. And, it is only through the Spirit can we “See” this Logos walked the Father’s preordained pathway.

Both the Holy Spirit and Jesus are “blind” to us now, because we don’t physically see them, but their substantial natures solidified one another in our worldviews if we are calibrated to look through these lenses. In this kind of Trust, faith, belief, Jesus, the Father, and Holy Spirit are not ‘blind things’ to us.
Many modern “christianities” have made “Faith” a ‘blind thing’ partly because it is much easier to control the ‘flock’. When there is a *command* to act on the illogical, then, power is given to the leaders. “Faith” became an implemented word for those ministers who would abuse their sheep. Never before have we seen this word, “Faith”, be so abused!  Yet it is greed, power, herding of the masses, etc. by ministers that have allowed it to be so mistranslated. Distilled down to it’s primal meaning: keeping the sheep blind equals money and power.

In the face of so many ministers is the knowledge of the original Greek and Hebrew Bible given, yet, they do nothing to aid the knowledge of this or many other terms. The ministers do not encourage the ‘flock’ to study, to know, to exegete, to exhaust the Scripture. There would be questions then! There would be a need for a Teacher of the Word who could answer and keep in check Biblical error! For God’s sakes, I need it!  There would be a counter balance to power given to the minister.
Sadly, I have been told from the highest level of my former “church” this past couple of years that I was weird for wanting to know the Greek and Hebrew. That I was ‘different’. They told me, “the study of Greek and Hebrew is ‘crazy, too much, too intense, etc.”. From this mindset, and the courses of actions, sociologically, I’m gone from this club. It took my wife, in different ways, to see the selfish side of this minister. As Covid hit in full force during December of 2020, this minister continued to push for *THE FAITHFUL* to ‘fill the pews’. That the “FAITHFUL” would not be deterred. All while, we encountered deaths by COVID in our “church”.  One way or the other, “FAITH”, “Belief”, “Trust”, etc. has been perverted by this man. He is only one of the other high percentages of ministers who do the exact same thing!

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