Sheila Chandra Interview

Jump starting our study on J.R.R. Tolkien, I am honored to present the Elvish voice behind Peter Jackson’s film trilogy of The Lord of the Ring’s, “The Two Towers”. Sheila Chandra, our honored guest, sang in Elvish ( Quenyan ) with Howard Shore’s score for, “The Grace of the Valar” a.k.a. “The Breath of Life” in “The Two Towers”. Sheila’s voice was chosen by the greatest film score artist and filmmaker of our time to convey the world of humans, the immortal elves, the love and bliss of such a union, and the harshest reality that one would age unto death and the other would not.

A short biography

WIth Indian Heritage, Sheila Chandra made her home in the United Kingdom.  Shelia’s talent spanned from singer, author of several books, songwriter and actress. Having been signed with Record Labels such as: Mercury/ Polygram, Peter Gabriel’s- Real World, Shakti/Narada, Phonogram, Indipop Records, etc., Sheila’s experience in the Music and Music Business world has established her as a seasoned veteran.

Top chart songs such as, “Ever so Lonely”, “Third Eye”, found on Peter Gabriel’s supported Real World Label: “Weaving My Ancestor’s Voices, The Zen Kiss, ABoneCroneDrone, etc.

My favorite song by Sheila was “Speaking in Tongues” where Sheila shows her extraordinary ability to exhibit an Indian system called, “Konnokol”. WIth her crystal pure voice, she rapid fires mathematical sequences like no other. One of my biggest accomplishments was to take a year to transcribe Sheila’s “Speaking in Tongues” and perform to her soundtrack with an indigenous Indian drum called, “MRDGM”. When talking to Sheila about this, she thought that was cute… (I blushed).

Please go check out her works and biography at Sheila is a champion

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