Meander and Chevron

This has to be one of my favorite studies over the past 30 years of my Biblical and Linguistic journeys

ALL evolutionary history participates in “THE STORY”, or a Theological-collective meaning, by a Supernatural Plan and it’s Creator (in brief ).

A unification of 100,000 years of the evolution of thought / consciousness which was, I believe, interrupted from it’s natural flow or contiguous ‘nature’ and superimposed, in the fullness of a meaningful and intentional time allotment, by a new theme which answered to the seemingly random nature of early societies and their attempts to make meaning out of their *natural surroundings.

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Meanings of words from their most naturally observed ‘stations’ to their abstract verbal usages. Cratylus is a must go to lecture for understanding the ‘anatomy

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Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth … KJV The majestic Hebrew language gave us a code for creation that would meet

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