No group, government-any extremist faction can ever legislate ethics or a moral change to come “to the other side”. This is a Western Hemisphere thing. We think in the West that if we are forced by riots to concede, renege or secede then we must have been wrong and they

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*I owe you/ you owe me*DEBT AND REPAYMENT* Tit for Tat —- this system of thinking and acting is based in legalism. Legalism is what you find in any religious or secular system that demands ‘justice’ for an infraction that was done to you. The problem of *debt and repayment*

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The Reason of Grace

My view must be a ‘relaxed’ one—which means, theological points, currents, patterns, etc. must ‘settle’ naturally/metaphysically.  I have always had a serious problem with the ‘ontology’ of who we *are, were, will be*.   I have always had strong ties to pagan religions– for I knew that Judaism and Christianity

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